Kidney patients should be notified of potential risk from fluoride


Fluoridated water may damage the health of people with kidney disease,
the USA National Kidney Foundation (NKF) now admits in its new position
paper published in April 2008. Meanwhile, Kidney Health
Australia and Dr
John Carnie at the Victorian DHS are digging their heels in and pretending
that the health danger does not exist.

The 2006 USA National Research Council review of toxicology of fluoride in
drinking water presented some alarming conclusions about subgroups
in the population who are more at risk from ingestion of fluoride, even at
relatively low fluoride levels in water. One of these subgroups is kidney
patients, those with stage 5, 4 or even less advanced stages of chronic kidney

When the NRC (2006) review was published
Victoria's health chief Dr
Carnie, the Australian Dental Association and Kidney Health
Australia made
no acknowledgement of the findings, and participated in a systematic
failure to alert kidney patients in the population to beware of consuming
fluoride. Apparently these authorities believed silence was the best
policy and the issue would go away - some other authorities could deal
with the embarrassment later.

The USA National Kidney Foundation has been the first to crack. For some
time a public health training organization The Lillie Center has been
presenting the data and urging the NKF to acknowledge the danger of
fluoride to kidney patients. Attorney Robert Reeves presented a legal
warning to the NKF that they would be named as defendants in likely legal
actions on behalf of patients with health damage related to fluoride
toxicity, unless the NFK retracted its stated position paper of support
for water fluoridation.

In April 2008 the NKF published a new position paper (albeit very cautiously

worded) withdrawing its previous support for fluoridation. The paper

acknowledged that kidney patients have died from using fluoridated water for

dialysis. It acknowledged that kidney patients not on dialysis can accumulate

toxic amounts of fluoride due to poor excretion of the chemical. The paper
admits that the kidney patient population needs to be warned of the danger of

consuming fluoridated water.

In Australian and Victoria serious questions remain:
When will state health department chiefs like Dr John Carnie in
embrace some scientific integrity and take the required action to protect
kidney patients?
When will the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)
publicly act to warn the Australian kidney patient population to avoid

fluoridated water?
When will medical organizations like the AMA and GP Association of
withdraw their politically motivated "endorsements" of  fluoridation in
order to protect the public and to protect themselves from legal actions?


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