BARWON FREEDOM from FLUORIDATION: consumer and professional action group in the Geelong region, acting to END the unfair, undemocratic and unsafe practice of water fluoridation

The Rally to Stop Fluoridation

Was addressed on the steps of Geelong Town Hall, then marched through the city to assemble in front of the Geelong Advertiser building.

Saturday 13th June 09 With little time to organize, network or promote the rally, and with the incorrect day given in the newspaper story of 11th June, still 250 adults and children took their message to the Premier & local members of Parliament:

"We will not be poisoned" "This demand will become bigger and louder till we are given choice"


Day of SHAME - Geelong region people condemned to suffer by state government :

JUNE 2nd, an awful day for anyone: "fluoridation will commence in the Geelong area in the week starting 22 June 2009", said Dr Rosemary Lester, Victorian chief health officer, standing in for the notorious Dr John Carnie.

Lester said: "An important step in the introduction of water fluoridation to Geelong was to ensure the community had access to balanced, evidence-based information and the opportunity to ask questions." for the full barrage of slogans and anti-scientific defence of fluoridation.

View DHS media release and View BAFF Media Release response


SIGN NOW, SIGN NOW 'Mandate to Stop Fluoridation' :

SIGN NOW, SIGN NOW 'Mandate to Stop Fluoridation' a simple and direct Mandate to Parliament. for public locations to sign or to send friends and family to sign. ONLINE: to print a Mandate form from this website and mail it to BAFF Inc.

Insert: A Barwon Water consumer signing the 'Mandate to Stop Fluoridation', with a group of concerned citizens.